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Single Sign On (SSO) tool that allows users to sign in to multiple applications with a single set of credentials





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Easy way to add authentication and authorization to your web applications

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Unlimited Projects

Unlimited Projects

Add multiple projects

Allows developers to create applications faster and better authentication systems for their applications. Add unlimited projects and manage them all with ease.

One API Key

One API Key

Multiple Authentication apps

Provide an extra layer of security for online accounts. Generating a unique code that is required in order to log in to the account. Difficult for someone else to access the account if they have obtained your login information.

Play Ground

Play Ground

Manage multiple projects

Perfect solution for businesses who need to manage multiple projects with Single Sign-On. Allows them to log in using a variety of social media accounts and traditional passwords.

Single Sign On

Single Sign On

Secure Login

Provides a more secure login process than traditional username and password authentication, and it is also easier for users to remember.

Double Verification

Double Verification

Multiple verification processes

Make it easy and convenient for customers to login and access their accounts without having to remember multiple passwords or go through multiple verification processes

Unlimited Project Members

Unlimited Project Members

Unlimited Project Members

Unlimited project members allows a project manager to invite an unlimited number of people to participate in a project and also track who has been invited and who has not.


What is SSO Configuration Software

SSO authentication software is a type of software that allows users to log in to multiple applications or websites with a single set of login credentials. This type of software is often used in organizations where employees need to access multiple applications or websites, such as a corporate intranet or online banking website. SSO authentication software typically works by storing the user's login credentials in a secure database, and then allowing the user to log in to any application or website by simply entering their username and password.

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