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Transactional Messaging

Transactional Messaging

Receive messages in a transactional manner.

Build customer trust and loyalty by continually providing the information they need and a powerful means to reach them even if they aren't active on your website.

Promotions and Updates

Promotions and Updates

Contains the company's promotional offers and updates.

Stimulate clients' attention and engage them more directly and efficiently by sending personalized SMS messages promoting and educating them about the latest trends.

Geolocation Notifications

Geolocation Notifications

Allow you to be notified when you enter or leave a specific location.

Use location-based smartphone push notifications to keep your customers informed about local events and specials at a given location.


What is Web PushNotifications?

A message on a mobile device is known as a "mobile push notification." It seems to be an SMS text message and a mobile alert, which the app creator can disable. These messages promote actions like promotions, better customer experience, converting new users, and keeping engagement.

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