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Receive important news and information about your accounts by push notification. Push messages allow you to create, manage and track campaigns across multiple channels - all in one place.





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allow you to create, manage and track campaigns across multiple channels - all in one place.

Get all the latest news, weather and info about your favorite teams with one simple click. It couldn't be easier.

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Receive the latest news and information by predefined templates

Create pre-designed templates to reach your target audience more quickly, increase website exposure, and set customizable limits for each template.

Add Welcome Message

Receive push notifications of the latest news, information, and updates by selecting messages you want to be alerted about.

Engage customers with welcoming and appealing messages that encourage them to take any action that will benefit the company.

Custom Pop-ups

Get the latest news and information on a variety of topics

Increase audience and conversion rates by including custom text, a list of fields, charts, or images. It displays product information to attract customers' attention.


What is Web PushNotifications?

A push message is a notification that appears on the home screen of both mobile devices and desktop notifications without the user being logged in to an app or using the device. Push messages in customer service can respond to visitor inquiries, provide updates on new features, reminders, and announcements about services or products, and so on.

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