Application Monitoring

to monitor and manage web applications

Detect and diagnose performance issues, identify security threats, and provide insights into how the application is being used. Helps to ensure optimal performance, ensure customer satisfaction, and improve operational efficiency.

Application Monitoring




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Alerts and Dashboards

Alerts and Dashboards

Quickly notify users when there is important information or changes that require attention and provides an overview of key performance indicators, allowing users to make informed decisions.

Finding and Tracking Anomalies

Finding and Tracking Anomalies

Help organizations identify unusual or potentially malicious activities that may be indicative of malicious actors or insider threats and allow them to take proactive steps to mitigate any potential risks.

Mapping Dependencies and Flows

Mapping Dependencies and Flows

Helps to identify points of failure, areas of improvement, and opportunities for optimization. Also assists to visualize the impact of changes to one part of the system, and allows for better decision-making.


What is Application Monitoring?

Application monitoring is the process of observing, evaluating, and controlling the performance of software programmes. It is a proactive method for identifying and diagnosing problems that could affect the functionality or quality of an application. It can identify and treat issues like errors, crashes, and sluggish response times. Additionally, it can be used to monitor an application's efficiency over time.

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