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Create end-to-end encrypted domains for organizations. 500Mail can be used on mobile and desktop platforms.





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Get custom domain email addresses with a variety of other benefits that allow you to express your individuality in your correspondence while also increasing brand visibility and trustworthiness.

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Stay Professional

Stay Professional

To make communication more efficient, give your organization a domain name and provide everyone with a personalized email account. Separated and professional email addresses provide your company with the visibility and credibility it deserves.

Brand Visibility and Marketing

Brand Visibility and Marketing

When potential customer looks at your email address, they will be able to find your organization quickly by searching for your domain name on the internet.

Add-Free Mailbox

Add-Free Mailbox

Make the experience fully ad-free. No data from your emails are ever mined for advertising reasons to prevent spoofing and theft of your emails.

Multiple Accounts Single Access

Multiple Accounts Single Access

You can manage several email accounts for your company with a single domain. It makes no difference if it's for a variety of operations.


What is Email Provider?

An email provider is a company that offers email services, typically for a fee. The email provider's servers store and manage the user's email messages securely.

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