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With Siterecording, you get every insight that is required to make more informed choices, create better digital experiences for your visitors, and enhance user experience.





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Understand Your Viewers Behaviour Effortlessly

In-depth analysis of your viewers' behaviour and preferences which gives you the ability to understand them more intimately than ever before.

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Behavior Analytics

Behavior Analytics

Keep Your Viewers' Engaged

Evaluate your site's performance by identifying areas with low user participation and making decisions that make it more user-friendly, resulting in higher user engagement.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization

Unified Dashboard

Use customizable filters in one unified dashboard to see and evaluate numerous customer journey maps and quickly investigate customer journey.

Customer Journey Mapping

Customer Journey Mapping

Make Effective Decisions

Build strategies in decision making concerning the viewers' website interactions to increase profitability.

Problem Area Management

Problem Area Management

Segment your Target Audience

Understand and extend your target audience, and segment them based on their site behaviour, which includes both frequent site users and potential buyers.

Real-Time Monitoring

Real-Time Monitoring

Track Users Behavioural Data

Gather data pertaining to each of your website’s visitors sessions over time to discover what keywords they browse, where they're from, which IP address they utilize, which pages they look at, which targeted sales they complete, as well as many other details based on the customers' actions on your website.

Unlimited Visitor Video Recording

Unlimited Visitor Video Recording

Visualise your Customers journey

Create user journey maps by analyzing customer interactions in real-time to make impactful changes in user experience.


What is Website Recording Software?

Website Recording or Session Recording enables you to gain insight into the user's behaviour on your website by monitoring the user's website engagement, giving you the ability to spot bottlenecks and other areas that need optimizing. Learn more about Website Recording Software

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