App Widgets

to receive data from other apps

Enables users to create custom widgets for their apps that can access data from other apps





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Make Your Custom Add-Ons with App Widgets

Developers can design unique widgets for their web applications using the custom widget.

Powerful Features

Limitless Possibilities. What will you do for your business?

Add Widget

Add Widget

Quick Access to Data

Get your integrations to market faster with end-to-end support with unified CRM API.

Custom Widget

Custom Widget

Check Unverified Users

Screen unverified users to ensure they are not bots or spam accounts

Widget Library

Widget Library

File Selection Made Simple

Helps you quickly and easily select files from your computer, external drives, or any other source, and organize them into folders with an app widget.


What are App Widgets?

App Widgets are mini apps that make it easy to access information within an app without having to open the full app. They can be placed on the home screen and provide quick access to functions and data. App Widgets come in many shapes and sizes and can display content such as calendar events, the weather, music playback controls, email notifications, and more. They are interactive and can launch the full app when tapped on. App Widgets are great for quickly accessing information without having to navigate through the full app. They are customizable and can be moved and resized to fit the user’s needs. App Widgets are a great way to make an app more accessible and provide users with quick access to the information they need.

Design your own App Widgets and Make your App Stand Out

Add App Widgets for quick access to favorite apps

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