Video Conferencing

to hold face-to-face meetings

People can communicate face-to-face regardless of their location. Use screen sharing, video recording, real-time chat, and live broadcasting technologies in your meetings, webinars, and seminars to connect with people worldwide.





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It can be video conferencing to summarize the plan, follow up, or discuss thoughts.

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Screen Share

Screen Share

While presenting from a computer, smartphone, or large-format display, use screen sharing to gain remote access to your information. For web product displays and customer service efficacy and efficiency, use the entire screen, window, or Chrome tab.

Real-Time Messages

Real-Time Messages

Use live messaging to keep participants engaged during video conferencing. Participants can send and receive text messages throughout a meeting using the real-time chat feature, allowing them to exchange information, questions, and feedback in real-time.

Transfer File

Transfer File

Make it simpler for all employees to communicate with customers and coworkers in different locations. During live meetings, you can share documents, images, videos, and other files with a single click.

Custom Background

Custom Background

During a professional virtual conference, use 500Conference to include your organization's logo, change the background, or add other branding.

Instant Invitation

Instant Invitation

Create additional or join the meeting, and invite others to your online meeting. Send a link or meeting code to anyone you want to invite to the meeting.

Manage Participants

Manage Participants

Participants in a meeting can be pinned, muted, unmuted, or removed to control and manage it. Maintain order and focus by assisting the group in adhering to the agenda, keeping track of time, and bringing people in and out of the conversation.


What is Video Conferencing?

Face-to-face communication via video conferencing is possible for a number of people who are separated economically or otherwise. It allows individuals from distant locations to communicate effectively, simply, and affordably via videoconferencing. Such as screen sharing, video recording, chat rooms, and live broadcasting, so you can connect with anyone in the world. In addition, it delivers high-quality video and voice conferencing, as well as increased dependability and improved performance.

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