OAuth Authentication

to grant access to the confidential data

Allows users to securely access a website or application without entering their login credentials each time. It secures online resources using a popular authentication system.

OAuth Authentication




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Secure User Data from Unauthorized Access

Allow users to securely access resources without revealing their credentials and protect their credentials from the server or resource they're attempting to access.

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Makes it easier for users to automate mundane tasks, such as setting reminders or tracking their progress on a project. Widgets can also be used to stimulate activities like sending a text message or setting an alarm.



Allow users to personalize the app experience and can customize the widgets to display the type of content they want to see, such as their favorite news stories, stock information, sports scores, and more.

Token-Based System

Token-Based System

Provides an extra layer of security by using tokens instead of passwords. Tokens are generated by the authentication provider and verified by the application. This ensures that access is granted only to authorized users.


What is OAuth Authentication?

OAuth Authentication is an open-standard authorization protocol that provides applications the ability to secure access control of user data. It enables an application to obtain limited access to a user's data without giving away a user's password. OAuth provides the authorization layer, allowing users to share their private resources stored on one site with another site without having to share their credentials.

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