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Create customised and automated email marketing campaigns with the help of configurable triggers and scheduling tools.

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Build & Send Automated Email

Using automated email campaigns, you'll never miss a chance to interact with your prospects when it matters most.

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Automate Scheduling

Automate Scheduling

Identify the best times to send emails to your subscribers so that your messages arrive in their inboxes at the most opportune time.

Create Personalized Campaigns

Create Personalized Campaigns

Personalize your emails to each subscriber based on who they are and how they engage with your business.

Advanced Automation Features

Advanced Automation Features

Custom triggers, scheduling tools, visual journeys, pre-built automation, and other tools can be used to create result-driven email campaigns.


How Automated Email Is Advantageous?

Automated email can help you save time by sending emails automatically, without you having to do it manually. It can also help you stay organized by keeping track of your email correspondence in one place. Additionally, automated email can help you keep your customers informed by sending them updates or special offers automatically.

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