Chrome Screen Capture

to quickly capture screenshots

Give the Chrome Screen Capture extension permission to capture all or a portion of a website so that you can organise the file storage.

Chrome Screen Capture




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Effective Chrome Screen Recording Tool

Store any website's information that is important to you conveniently as a screenshot or as a recorded video without the need for additional permissions.

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Video Screen Capture

Video Screen Capture

Gain a better understanding, keep a website's activity log in a format that is flexible. Using NinjaCapture and your webcam or microphone, share your thoughts on this behaviour.



Proactive nature of your workflow will be maintained if you let the recorded video play on a small screen while you browse or work in another window.

Adjustable Playback Speed

Adjustable Playback Speed

Choose the speed at which to play the recorded video. Play the video at a speed up to two times the standard rate or as slowly as 0.25 times the standard rate.


What is Chrome Screen Capture?

The most effective way to take a screenshot or record video of a webpage is to use the Chrome Screen Capture browser extension. Make any necessary changes to the screenshot or video recording to suit your tastes. By using your webcam and microphone to narrate the activity, you can enhance the value of the video you record. Become familiar with Chrome Screen Capture.

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