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Safely store backup copies of the data that is critical in case the primary data is corrupted.

Cloud Backup




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Recover Data

Recover Data

Recovery of lost, inadvertently deleted, corrupted, or inaccessible data is made possible by using 500Box.

Storage Reliability

Storage Reliability

Entails in securing storage resources and the data housed from accidental or intentional damage or loss as well as from unauthorised users by using 500Box.

Import Objects

Import Objects

Handle large amounts of unstructured data that is being is stored on the cloud for longer periods in the bucket format instead of storing it in a file or a folder by using 500Box.


What is a Cloud Backup?

Cloud backup is a type of storage that maintains copies of your data off-site. In addition to on-site backups, which can be at risk of data loss from catastrophes like fires or floods, this sort of backup is frequently utilised. Because they can be automated and accessed from anywhere, cloud backups are practical. However, they can cost more than on-site backups, and if the backup service is not encrypted, you might need to be concerned about data security.

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