Countdown Mail

to elicit a feeling of urgency

Create a string of three or more emails that count down to a certain event. Each email builds on the previous one, heightening the sense of urgency.

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Enhance the Quality of Emails With Countdown Mail

Set up emails with a built-in timer to create urgency and increase conversions, as users have to act fast to take advantage of the offer also customize the timer length, the look and feel of the email, the message, and the call-to-action button.

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Customize the Timer

Customize the Timer

Change the countdown clock's length, select the necessary units and values. The Countdown Timer on displays the number of days, hours, minutes, and seconds. You can choose whether to make them all visible or to conceal the ones you don't require from your timer.

Emails with Timers

Emails with Timers

Main objective is to persuade email recipients to act immediately and not put off taking action. Simply entering the start and end dates and times will start the timer. You have the option of starting on the current date or changing it to any other date you like.

Clock Customization

Clock Customization

Choose the required units and their values to adjust the countdown clock's length.'s countdown mail timer includes days, hours, minutes, and seconds. You can decide whether to have them all visible or to hide the ones you don't need from your timer.


What is a Countdown Mail?

A group of three or more emails that count down to a particular event is known as a countdown mail campaign. Each email builds on the one before it, heightening the sense of urgency and occasionally providing additional incentives to persuade potential customers to make the purchase.

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