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Transform your fledgling company into one that enjoys ongoing customer engagement. Run email marketing drip campaigns to reach out to prospects and make your voice heard, which will ultimately lead to more conversions.

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Construct Results-oriented Drip Campaigns

Create effective drip campaigns and receive data-driven reports tailored to each drip. Increase email opening rates with campaign optimization to turn more leads into recurring customers.

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Effective Drip Builder

Effective Drip Builder

Create campaigns that are tailored to the needs of your target audience segment users by interests, demographics, or other criteria, allowing marketers to create campaigns that are highly targeted and personalized.

Campaign Automation Drip

Campaign Automation Drip

Create an email drip campaign to automatically send emails to your list on a given schedule.

Special Reports for Drip

Special Reports for Drip

Improve decision-making and optimization for email campaign software to increase open rates and engagement, obtain reports that are specific to each campaign.


What are Drip Campaigns?

A drip campaign is a type of automated marketing campaign that sends a series of emails to prospects over a while. The goal of a drip campaign is to nurture leads and turn them into customers by providing useful, personalized information in a timely fashion. Drip campaigns can be used to target prospects at different stages of the buying cycle and present them with relevant content that helps them move closer to making a purchase. Drip campaigns are made up of multiple emails that are sent out over a specific timeline.

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