to interact with customers effectively

Allow the caller to interact with a company, be greeted by a recorded voice, and be given a menu of options. Helps to route calls to the appropriate department, and provide information about products and services.





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Set IVR menu options for inbound dialers and associate an action with the selected option.

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Predefined Flows

Predefined Flows

Can use flows to create an IVR that communicates with callers based on their responses. These pre-defined flows help you save time by developing effective communication.



Add or edit the flows from complex to simple. Customize the IVR flows and drive customers to initiate actions based on the inputs.

Segmentation of Calls

Segmentation of Calls

Route calls quickly to the specific department to solve customer queries. Help to ensure that calls are answered promptly and efficiently.

Easy Call Routing

Easy Call Routing

Can route calls to anywhere in your organization by setting up call flows and connecting multiple numbers in a virtual extension.


What is IVR?

An Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system is an automated phone system used by businesses to interact with customers. It allows customers to access information or services through the use of voice commands or phone keypad inputs. IVR systems are cost-effective, efficient, and provide a great customer experience. With an IVR system, businesses can offer customers self-service options, such as account balance inquiries, payment processing, and appointment scheduling. An IVR system can also be used for customer surveys and automated outbound calling.

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