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Determine which keywords to prioritize based on search volume, paid vs organic click rates, competition, and other factors.

Keyword Research Tool




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Leverage Page Grader With Keyword Research Tool

Research and identify relevant keywords for your ad campaigns and get insights into the search query data, cost-per-click, competition level, and more to find new keyword ideas and identify the keywords that your competitors are using.

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Keyword Focalized

Keyword Focalized

Create a list of all common and unique keywords they rank for, as well as a full analysis of your keyword in relation to your competitors' keywords.

Domain Analytics

Domain Analytics

Examine a detailed list of your competitors' organic keyword rankings and websites to determine the most significant benefit.

Keyword Cluster

Keyword Cluster

Sort the list of keywords to determine the best structure for your website.


What is Keyword Research Tool?

The Keyword Research Tool is used to analyze the keywords that internet users search for when looking for products or services similar to yours.

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