to evaluate the progress toward organizational objectives

Organize a centralized platform for managing and tracking KPIs, allowing users to define goals, analyze data, develop, administer, measure, and report on OKRs.





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Leverage Kpi to Track and Evaluate Performance

Provide insightful information about the performance of a company and can be employed to assist the identification of areas in which improvements can be made.

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Automatic OKR Reports

Automatic OKR Reports

Access the Initiatives Snapshot in JPG, PNG, or PDF format to see all of the Dashboard Analytic Data at once. Simply selecting the project's state will bring up the report.

Ultimate Objectives

Ultimate Objectives

Keep track of your goals and aspirations with OKR software, and you can add as many as you want. It also allows you to prioritize your work by giving it a numerical number.

Track Initiatives

Track Initiatives

Ensure that your company's initiatives are headed in the correct direction by monitoring their progress. Create a project schedule and use it to track progress.


What is KPI?

KPIs or Key Performance Indicators are quantifiable measures used to evaluate the performance of an organization or individual. They are used to track the success of various business processes, activities, and departments and to provide an indication of how well they are meeting their goals. KPIs are also used to assess the performance of employees, teams, and entire companies.

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