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Use a range of mediums, such as in-person meetings, online video conferencing, and phone calls, to organise and carry out activities.

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Utilize Online Appointments to Manage Your Meeting

Create personalised appointment links for a stress-free schedule, use our scheduling tool.

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Arrangement of Appointments

Arrangement of Appointments

Management and scheduling of appointments online. You can make your job easier by organising the procedure and carefully planning your duties.

Event Planning

Event Planning

Allow users to make several calendars and unique categories, event schedulers frequently allow users to add guests to events, post notes or reminders to current events, and change the status of events from private to public.

Delay Time

Delay Time

Allow to handle the buffer time between meetings based on your selected intervals.


What is Online Appointment?

Book appointments using Online Appointment tool and send real-time notifications to your clients or team members to let them know in advance. Depending on where your clients are located, you may be able to personalise their experience by providing them with calendars based on their time zone. Customers may receive reminders depending on pre-set time intervals.

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