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With today's technological advances, many employers are screening candidates via online interviews. While this may save the employer time and money, it can be a daunting experience for the candidate.





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Select the Best Candidate by Using the Online Interview

Recruiters can focus on the best candidates and streamline the interview process using online interviews.

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Construct as many tests as you want to use in the hiring process. Create many job recruitment tests with job descriptions, instructions, and application information. Invite candidates to the assessment via email.

Multiple Question Forms

Multiple Question Forms

Assemble the topics into study groups. Include critical data like test scores and assessment tasks. Examine the various questions you can ask in your assessments.

One-way Video Interviews

One-way Video Interviews

With video interviews, prospective employees can record themselves responding to questions and play them back during the interview. It's an outstanding recruiting tool. Using pre-recorded video interviews, recruiters can assess the candidate's personality.


What is Online Interview?

An online interview is an interview that is conducted over the internet using virtual video interview software. Employers are increasingly using this type of interview because it is a quick and inexpensive way to screen candidates.

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