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Create interactive prototypes of user interfaces that can be used to test concepts and designs before they are built out. Enables designers to quickly create and test out user flows and refine their UX designs.

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Make Interactive User Interface Mockups for Your Software

Create and communicate your ideas with others with the help of the prototyping tool. Also helps developers understand the user experience and create better interfaces, improving the overall usability of the software.

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Prototype UX

Prototype UX

Use powerful widgets, working forms, sortable grids, and dynamic interfaces to create realistic UX prototypes.

UI Design

UI Design

Create user interfaces that are simple and easy to use and look great on any device.

Project Planning

Project Planning

Get an overview of every aspect of your project processes in one location using the Dashboard feature.


What is a Prototyping Tool?

A prototyping tool is a piece of software that allows you to create interactive prototypes of user interfaces and websites. This means you can test how your users will interact with your designs, and this tool allows you to identify design flaws before investing too much time and money into them.

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