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Enables sales reps to prioritize their deals, get visibility into the team's performance, and manage their pipeline to close more deals.

Sales Pipeline




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Track Your Key Sales Metrics

Effortlessly track your sales performance, the sales process from start to finish, and identify areas for improvement.

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Deals Insights

Deals Insights

Enables sales teams to find potential growth opportunities and potential risks by quickly identifying the deals that are in the pipeline and their stage.

Tracking Group performance

Tracking Group performance

Insights into the performance of the various salespeople on your team and allows you to keep track of how close they are to achieving their sales goals.

Drag-and-Drop Editor

Drag-and-Drop Editor

Drag-and-drop editors create sales workflow. With the visual workflow builder, you can either select from the available flows or design on your own.


What is Sales Pipeline?

Sales pipeline is a graphic representation of opportunities at various points in your sales process. The number of deals and their value are also disclosed in the sales pipeline. Salespeople can use it to determine which prospects to concentrate on, where to focus their efforts (sales activities), and the revenue they can expect to generate in the near future.

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