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to create product or service demonstration videos

Our screen capture and screen recorder extension is the best way to capture, record, and share your screen instantly. It works seamlessly with all browsers and is easy to use.





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Create enagaging videos with Screen Recording Extension

Screen Recorder is the best tool for creating how-to videos, product demos, and presentations. Easily record your screen and add engaging video effects.

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Record Both Cam and Tab

Record Both Cam and Tab

Record Both Cam and Tab

Provides the easiest screen-sharing option with NinjaCapture. Whether you are recording the whole screen or only a website, you can quickly share your displays with other team members with a few clicks.




Simplify the process of showing your screen to others. You have an option of screen sharing with other members of your group or making screen recordings of what you see on the screen.

Full Screen or Just a Site

Full Screen or Just a Site

Full Screen or Just a site

Choose to record a full screen, or just a site, and share your screens with anyone in your groups.

Frame Rate

Frame Rate

Frame Rate

Record a screen at the desired frame rate and switch between displays in real time to share it.


What is Screen Recording?

Screen Recording is a feature that allows users to capture and record their computer screen with audio narration. It can be used for a wide range of purposes such as creating tutorials, making video presentations, recording webinars, and much more. Screen Recording is a great way to capture and share knowledge, ideas, or instructions with others in an efficient manner. It allows users to easily capture what is happening on their computer screen so that they can share it with others.

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