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Examine customer reviews, direct mentions, and important conversations surrounding your brand on social media channels.

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Find Trends With Social Listening

Gain insights into customer sentiment, preferences, and behaviors to understand how your brand is perceived, how its products and services are viewed, and where your customers’ interests lie.

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Actions Within App

Actions Within App

Engage with your audience by liking, retweeting, and sharing relevant content in social streams.

Automatic Update

Automatic Update

Respond instantly to your customers to make a good first impression. With time-limited auto or manual refreshing, you can control what appears in your stream.

System Streams

System Streams

Create streams on all of your preferred social media sites to receive information in one location and to ensure that you don't miss any opportunities.


What is Social Listening?

Essential component of managing social media is social listening. It enables brands to interact with customers and influencers, monitor important conversations about them in real time, and stay on top of what their rivals are up to. It also helps with content analysis to identify what works and what doesn't in your industry's top influencers and potential brand ambassadors.

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