to log in with a single click

Allows users to log in once at the start and never have to re-enter their credentials again.





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SSO for Multiple Applications

Customers can bypass the typical login screen and access all of their authorized applications with a single click thanks to SSO configuration. Aids in preventing unauthorized parties from accessing user data.

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Simplified Password Management

Simplified Password Management

Streamlines the login procedure by allowing users to use their password only once.

Single Login

Single Login

Provides users with the convenient option of logging into multiple web apps with a single login.

Sandbox Environment

Sandbox Environment

Enables a virtual environment in which code is executed in isolation from the rest of the network or application.


What is SSO?

SSO is a method of authentication that allows users to log in to different online apps using a single set of credentials. It is an effective and safe method of managing user access and permissions across various web apps.

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