Training Management System

to manage employee training, courses, and certifications

Monitor the progress of employees and ensure that they have the necessary skills and qualifications to fulfill their roles. It helps organizations optimize their training investments and ensure that their employees are well-prepared to perform their jobs effectively.

Training Management System




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Optimize a Training Management System for Maximum Efficiency

Provide an end-to-end solution for managing all aspects of learning and development, from initial needs assessment and program design to implementation, evaluation, and tracking of results.

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Powerful Features

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Custom Designer

Custom Designer

Create specialised training that supports the goals of your organisation in audio, video, and online formats.

Bringing Up-to-date

Bringing up to Date

Receive a message with all the information you need about the training session in your inbox. Reports can be downloaded or saved online.

Quick Alert

Quick Alert

Follow each employee's development during training in real time. Ensure that you have access to any emails that provide details about upcoming training opportunities.


What is Training Management System?

The back-office training procedures for ILT and vILT are streamlined and improved by a training management system. In essence, training management software offers training organisations a more effective way to manage, track, and sell training.

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