User Engagement

to monitor user activity and gain insights

Used to send notifications to the clients, reminding them to complete the onboarding process and providing helpful tips and advice.

User Engagement




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Strengthen User Engagement With Data-driven Insights

Personalize the onboarding process to fit the client’s individual needs.

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User Profiles

User Profiles

Create and manage user profiles, so users can save their preferences, and preferences can be used to tailor their experience.

Interactive Interface

Interactive Interface

Provide a more intuitive way of controlling the device or program compared to traditional command-line interfaces. They allow consumers to rapidly and simply engage with a gadget or application.



Built-in analytics that track user engagement, so app developers can better understand user behavior and identify areas for improvement.


What is User Engagement?

User engagement is a measure of how users interact with a website, app, or other digital product. It is also often measured through user surveys and other forms of feedback. In addition, user engagement is often used to measure the overall health of a product and its user base. By understanding user engagement, companies can better understand which features or services are most beneficial to users, and which ones need improvement. User engagement is essential for companies to understand how they can better serve their customers and create products that offer more value.

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