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Why Choose 500apps?

It is no secret that the COVID-19 epidemic has significantly altered e-commerce in the present. So many individuals were driven to shop online when the country was under lockdown or quarantine. According to reports, Amazon's net income grew in the third quarter of 2020 to $6.3 billion. The rivalry between online businesses will only get stronger as the e-commerce sector continues to grow.

In fact, data is at the core of every business. You need to put yourself in the shoes of the typical search engine user if you want to succeed. A user of a search engine collects bits of data that are a composite of information.

Let's use an example from the real world: You own an online store that sells hundreds of different items. To have a chance of competing with others in your field, you must also make sure that your price is fair. All these play out as the benefits of a website crawler.

But How Will You do That?

By surveying the websites of your competitors and noting their prices. It starts to get interesting from here. Without using an automated procedure, doing this poll would be impossible if they also offer thousands of diverse competitive products.

That’s Where Web Crawlers Are in Play

One effective method for quickly gathering information from multiple websites is Web Crawling. You have an opportunity to compete with the best companies in your sector by using web crawlers. Extending your audience, boosting your revenues, and assuring the expansion of your company. However, you must have a well-structured website that makes it simple for BOTS to crawl it.

However, your material must first be saved and organised throughout the crawling process to be listed in the search engine. Another name for this procedure is indexing. Once this is completed, your page will be one of the running pages that the relevancy of queries displays.

We'll look at some of the advantages of web crawlers shortly. But first, let's do this. You must have a thorough grasp of web crawling and how it operates. So without further ado, let's begin. Shall we?

What are Web Crawlers?

The term "web crawler" simply refers to the usage of software to collect data from various or a couple of web pages. They go by a variety of names, including spiders, spider bots, bots, and robots. These names are fairly functionally descriptive. It involves search engines like Google crawling the whole World Wide Web to create index pages.

Search engine optimization engines, on the other hand, do not randomly identify sites on the internet. It is a procedure. I'll do my best to explain the procedure in a way that even non-technologists can understand. To comprehend this procedure, you must first grasp how a search engine works.

The search optimization engine has 3 basic functions namely:

Functions of Website Crawlers

  • Crawling - This involves searching the internet for content and inspecting each URL link's code. Here, search engines dispatch a swarm of robots to detect up-to-date material.

  • Indexing - This is the storing and arrangement of contents discovered during the crawling process. Here, the search engines process and store information in a database of all discovered contents that seem relevant to the searchers.

  • Ranking - This function involves providing all content that is most relevant to a searcher's inquiries. When a search is performed, search engines look for material that is highly relevant to the searcher's inquiries.

Now that you understand the fundamental functions, let's look at how the process works. The programmes require crawling and indexing before they can be sent to the appropriate sites for phrase and keyword searches.

Every search engine includes web crawlers (BOTS) that scan the internet for web page indexing. The BOTS travel quickly from one web page to the next, scanning all of them and generating replicas of each one. The duplicates are stored among other pages that have also been crawled.

However, there are times when the site will go through the crawling process but will not get indexed. This suggests that the crawler was either faulty or delayed. They will, however, be in due course.

Why Web Crawler Is Important?

Although there are numerous simple ways to get a website crawled a few times. However, with a well-structured website, the crawling process will be constant. Nonetheless, every time you make changes to your websites, you must re-index your web pages. This will assure a higher ranking. Any change to your page will be reflected swiftly in the search engines. This can benefit your site because the freshness and timeliness of the content are two significant ranking factors.

Consistency in how search engines crawl a website is an important aspect in on-page SEO effectiveness with the help of an SEO Tool. Therefore, you must have a well-structured site that allows search engines to crawl it often.

Example of Web Crawlers

While all of the most popular search engines offer Web Crawlers, the larger one has numerous Web Crawlers with distinct focuses. For example, the Google search engine has a primary crawler known as Googlebot. Googlebot is made up of crawlings from both desktop and mobile devices.

Example of Website Crawlers

However, the Google search engine has other BOTS like Googlebot images, Google BOTS Videos, AdsBots, and Googlebot News.

Below are other examples of Web Crawlers

  • Bing BOTS
  • DuckDuckBot
  • Baiduspider
  • Yandex BOT
  • Exabot
  • Sogou Spider
  • Alexa Crawler

Benefits of Web Crawlers

Now that you understand what web crawlers are, how they function, and why they are important, it is time to look at some of their advantages. The majority of the following are beneficial, particularly for people working in a competitive business.

Benefits of Website Crawlers

Keeping Tabs on Competitors

This may be quite beneficial, especially for individuals who face strong competition in their sector. Sun Tzu, a Chinese general and military strategist, stated, "If you know your opponents and yourself, you will never be beaten". You must survey your competition in order to prosper in your sector. You must learn what is working for them. Pricing, marketing methods, and everything else.

Web Crawlers allow you to automatically harvest data from various competitors' websites. This allows you and your workers to free up time for more productive duties. The fact that the data is automatically extracted offers you access to large amounts of data.

If you have a sales team, product management team, or marketing team that is required to survey new products/services from competitors, Web Crawlers should be considered. It also allows you to examine your price and verify whether it is competitive. Using the info you've gathered from numerous websites, you get to learn about your competitors' marketing techniques.

Keeping Track With the Industry Trends

Maintaining current knowledge of market trends is essential for establishing values and trustworthiness. It also demonstrates to the general public that your firm is promising. Business leaders appreciate the need of staying up to date on the newest advances in their sector. Make time to keep informed, regardless of the present situation of your firm. Web Crawlers provide you access to a big number of data from multiple sites, allowing you to keep track of market trends.

Leads Generation

If you run a firm that relies on data taken from your competitors' websites to generate money. Then you should think about Web Crawlers. It allows you to get to this information more quickly. As a result, your revenues will increase.

Assume you own a firm that offers job placement services. You must do so when companies are hiring in order to stay in business. You should also contact these businesses and assist them in filling open positions with qualified people. To do this, you must pursue leads from various social networks such as LinkedIn, Quora, Twitter, and other public employment websites. You must also locate any new job posts and maybe information about companies with open positions. You may simply accomplish this with Web Crawlers.

Assists You in Learning What Is Being Said About You and Your Competitors on Social Media

Do you ever wonder what others are saying about your business on social media? One of the advantages of web crawlers is having this information at your fingertips. Web crawlers can assist you find out what others are saying about you on social media. Not only that, but It assists in keeping track of comments made by your clients on external websites.

Web crawlers can assist in keeping track of industry forums, news websites, and social media channels (Like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tumblr, Quora, and many more). It helps in learning what is being stated about your firm as well as your competitors.

This information is crucial for you and your marketing team. You may use this information to determine what you are doing correctly and what you are not. It also helps you understand your clients' perceptions of your brand and goods.

Competitive Pricing

You may be having problems determining prices for your products or services for a variety of reasons. It's considerably more challenging when you're dealing with many product price issues. However, Web Crawler allows you to simply access your rivals' pricing. Giving you the opportunity to create competitive pricing for your customers.

Competitive Pricing

Target Listing

Web crawlers enable you to compile a list of businesses or individual contacts for a variety of objectives. You may retrieve information such as phone numbers, addresses, and email addresses with Crawler. It may also compile a list of relevant company listings from relevant websites.

Suppliers’ Pricing and Availability

If you work in a firm that requires you to buy from several suppliers, you are more likely to visit their websites regularly to evaluate and contrast availability, cost, and other factors. You may simply acquire and compare this information with Web Crawler without having to visit their individual websites. This will not only save you tension and time, but it will also ensure that you do not miss out on good discounts.

Content Analysis and Curation

Another significant advantage of website crawlers is content analysis and curation. Web crawlers may be used to gain a better knowledge of user behaviour by tracking user activity. Web crawlers monitor user activity by scraping various data, allowing you to gain a more thorough understanding of their behaviour.


NinjaSeo helps you to improve your website's search engine ranking. When you have a well-structured site that allows search engines to easily crawl your site data on a constant basis, it allows your material to be indexed, resulting in a successful SEO strategy. Furthermore, ensuring that your website is both crawler- and user-friendly will undoubtedly boost your SEO! T J Donegan highlighted this in his tweet.

Nonetheless, one of the key benefits of website crawlers is a strong SEO strategy that results in high Google rankings and surfacing high up on search engine result pages SERPs.

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