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Unlimited Zaps

Unlimited Zaps

Create an unlimited number of zaps that enable collaboration and productivity across your company and automate incessant workflows.

Application Management

Application Management

Add multiple accounts to personalise and manage various apps in a single dashboard, making your processes easier. This allows for faster integration of apps across the enterprise and control over how they function

Real-time Logs

Real-time Logs

Get real-time insights into your workspace usage, task progress, and zap logs to provide comprehensive monitoring of your workspaces.

Custom Connectors

Custom Connectors

Create a custom flow that automates a number of steps, allowing you to save time and avoid having to redo work every time a change in the data is required.

Role-based Task Allocation

Role-based Task Allocation

To optimise processes, generate simplified pathways through a workflow, which involves removing repeated operations and tracking process flow.

Drag and Drop Workflow Designs

Drag and Drop Workflow Designs

Improve your performance by finishing tasks on schedule and reducing the amount of work assigned to your collaborators.



This simple managed services can help you customize processes, manage tasks, and monitor anything you need. With this service, you can boost the effectiveness of your processes and get more done.

Automate Processes

Automate Processes

Discover how workflow software may help you eliminate mistakes, increase productivity, and build a responsive, adaptive work environment.


What is Workflow Software?

The most basic definition of workflow software is when multiple software applications designed for different purposes are merged to work together.

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