Access Management

to restrict unauthorized access

Enables organizations to control who can access their applications and data, as well as how and when they can access them.

Access Management




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Single Sign-On Access Management

Ensures users access multiple applications and services with a single set of credentials and help to reduce the potential for unauthorized access.

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User Access Control

User Access Control

Assists managers to restrict what users can do in the system to avoid unauthorized access to sensitive data or to enforce security standards.

Easy Management

Easy Management

Reduces the workload on admins and allows them to manage more efficiently.

Identity and Access Management

Identity and Access Control

Maintain the data's confidentiality at all times and restrict access to the information and resources to only those users who have been granted permission to do so.


What exactly is Access Management?

Access Management is the practice of restricting access to resources based on the needs of the organization. It is an important part of IT security, as it helps prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data and prevents malicious threats from gaining access to critical systems. Access Management also helps organizations comply with data privacy and security regulations.

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