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Use an AI chatbot to make your company even smarter and more effective. Promote your business, provide contact information, sell goods and services, foster customer loyalty, and keep visitors on your website for longer.

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Utilize AI Bots' Power for Automation

Allows for more efficient and accurate automation, helping to reduce costs and improve the quality of services. Provides more personalized customer service and can reduce customer service costs by automating basic customer service tasks.

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Create Bots Quickly

Create Bots Quickly

Select from the pre-built templates to make your unique flows. Deploy after a single build. Without knowing any code, you can easily drag and drop AI chatbots for your customer service.

Automatic Language Recognition

Automatic Language Recognition

Allows to quickly and accurately identify the language of a given input and respond in the same language. Reduces misunderstandings and improves the user experience.

Special Messages

Special Messages

Carry on a conversation even if they come across inputs that are outside of their Story thanks to custom messages. Even better, an AI chatbot collects uncommon words to make your conversations better overall.


What is An AI Bot?

An AI bot is a computer program designed to simulate human conversation and behavior. It is typically powered by artificial intelligence, allowing it to interact with users and provide information on a variety of topics. AI bots can be programmed to respond to voice and text commands, as well as interpret natural language and respond conversationally. They can be used in customer service, chatbots, virtual assistants, and more. AI bots are becoming increasingly popular as they provide a more efficient, automated way of interacting with customers, providing information, and responding to inquiries. AI bots can be tailored to provide personalized responses, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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