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Build Bots Easily

Build Bots Easily

Create one chatbot and deploy it easily on multiple platforms in a matter of minutes without writing any code.

Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing

Deliver experiences that are personalized and fueled by context and intents to customers across all touchpoints of their journeys.

Custom Messages

Custom Messages

Keep the conversation going if a chatbot encounters an input it doesn't understand. Additionally, chatbots can use AI to improve conversations by gathering data on words that are used frequently.

Transfer Chat to Human Agent

Transfer Chat to Human Agent

Built-in NinjaChat helps users to transfer the chat session to a live agent in order to provide better customer support.


What is AI Chatbot Software?

AI chatbots can be used to simulate conversations with human users. They are particularly effective at offering customer service and answering simple customer questions and helping customers find information. These programs can appear as a text-based conversational agent within a chat interface, or as an application that monitors social media feeds and provides real-time responses.

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