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Enables developers to build applications with more efficiency by providing them with a set of ready-made functions and resources to access data, services and other related functions.

API Calls




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Access Data from a Third-party Source

Simplifies the process of retrieving data from an external source, as well as allows for more secure access. Help to reduce the amount of time spent manually retrieving data, as well as enable more efficient data collection for analytics and other data-driven activities.

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Authentication and Authorization

Authentication and Authorization

Verify the identity of the user making the call, and authorization is the process of determining what the user is allowed to access or perform with the API. Tokens and certificates are used for authentication and permission.

Rate Limiting

Rate Limiting

Helps to prevent an API from being overloaded with too many requests in a short period, which can negatively impact performance. It can be achieved by restricting the number of queries per second or day.

Request Validation

Request Validation

Process of ensuring that all requests sent to an API are valid. This includes checking the parameters of the API request to make sure that all data is present and correct.


What are API Calls?

API calls are a way to access data or functionality from a web-based service. An API is an interface that allows two applications to talk to each other. It is used to provide access to a system’s functionality without having to learn the underlying code. API calls allow developers to access data from third-party applications or websites securely and efficiently.

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