API Gateway

to improve the performance and security

Provides a layer of protection for backend services by allowing authentication, authorization, rate limiting, and other security measures.

API Gateway




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Integration With Existing Systems

Offers a cloud-based communication platform that is simple to integrate with existing systems and applications. Customers benefit from the features because they make it simple for them to connect to the system and use the product.

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API Authorization

API Authorization

Protects against malicious attacks and unauthorized access, and ensures that only authorized requests are allowed through the gateway.

SDK Generation

SDK Generation

Create client SDKs for a variety of platforms to test new APIs in your applications and distribute SDKs to third-party developers.

API Administration

API Administration

Enables you to create, maintain, monitor, secure, and manage APIs, as well as set policies to control how their APIs are accessed.


What is an API Gateway?

An API gateway is a tool that sits between a client and a collection of backend services. API gateways act as reverse proxies, accepting all API requests, gathering the various services required to process them, and returning the appropriate response.

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