Attendance Tracker Tool

capture real time attendance

With powerful AI technology, you can actively monitor employee attendance. It has a Built-in Attendance tracker with Face Recognition.

Attendance Tracker Tool




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Monitor employee attendance with attendance tracker

Monitor real-time attendance with advanced filtering tools

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Work Hours

Work Hours

Create work shifts and configure them. Manage shift timings and hours performed. Calculate work hours, days worked, and days off automatically. When new or amended changes are created.

Work Days

Work Days

Schedule and configure employees' working days using the straightforward drag-and-drop configuration tool. Start/stop times for shifts are all managed in one place with Transparency and flexibility.

Time Tracker

Time Tracker

Add a clockly extension to remote employees. It helps you keep track of employee databases and attendance. Work more efficiently and save time with the aid of Clockly.


What is Attendace Tracker tool?

Attendance Tracker is a web-based attendance management software that makes it simple and effective to deal with staff absences. Face Recognition, Biometric Integration, Time-Tracking, and Active Monitoring are all built to ensure that all employees get their hands on the nearest computer and mark their attendance.

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