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HRMS Dashboard

HRMS Dashboard

Load dashboard with Infographic Employee information displaying key HR metrics like LogIns, LogOuts, Work Leave status metrics, etc. With interactive data-driven visualization features.

Daily clocks

Daily clocks

Track employee working hours with reliable software. This allows for independence and the employee to self-monitor their daily 'to-do' tasks, making it easier to understand and plan for both individual & overall productivity with effective time management.

Track Logins

Track Logins

Calculate your log-in and log-out of shifts on the app. It checks your attendance record and allows you to add leave requests, view your payroll history, and alerts for deductions.


What is Hrms Application

The HRMS app is designed to help manage and streamline your human resources processes. Use the app to access employee data, log-ins, and log-outs. The intuitive dashboard features wide features and makes work easier for you.

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