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to communicate directly with customers

Enables teams to communicate quickly and effectively, saving time and money. Create a secure, private chat room for your team to have private conversations without the worry of outside interference.

Business Chat




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Supports secure encryption and authentication, ensuring that only authorized users can access the conversations. It also offers two-factor authentication to help protect against unauthorized access.

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Live Chat

Live Chat

Enables team members to communicate quickly and easily in real-time. It also allows for instant feedback and dialogue which can help to speed up project completion times.

Task Allocation

Task Allocation

Ensure that all team members are kept up to date on what tasks need to be completed, who is responsible for them, and when they are due.



Ability to add and remove members makes it easy to create dynamic conversations. You can create meaningful conversations and get more out of your online interactions.


What is Business Chat?

Business Chat lets companies interact directly and personally with customers. It helps customers to acquire information fast and simply while giving businesses customer data. Business Chat improves customer service and builds client loyalty.

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