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Make phone calls, send text messages, and even conduct video meetings, allowing them to talk face-to-face with someone who is miles away.

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Communicate via phone, send a text message, or set up a video call to have a face-to-face conversation with someone who is far away.

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Channel Management

Channel Management

Create channels based on topics, projects, departments, or any other category that makes sense for the team. Channels can be made public for everyone to view or kept private for a select few members.

Private Messaging

Private Messaging

Allows team members to communicate in a more private setting. Private messages are only visible to the sender and the intended recipient, allowing team members to communicate securely and confidentially.

Channel Messaging

Channel Messaging

Create channels for the team to interact, respond to, and allow them to assemble in person to discuss concerns and receive quick solutions via Channel Messages.


What is a Communication App?

A communication app is an application that enables users to interact with each other, typically via text-based messaging. It may also include audio and video communication features. For businesses, communication apps offer an easy way to communicate internally and externally, with the ability to set up group chats and share documents and files.

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