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to create file backups on any device

Share files with others, or backup copies of important files can be kept.

Cloud Drive




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Share files with others or save backups of important data in the cloud.

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Allow organisations to add and manage many locations, staff, and other crucial data to the Cloud. Companies can submit files, folders, photographs, etc. and choose from many handy branch locations. Discover different workplaces.

Storage Security

Storage Security

Allow your team to see all important papers without fear of someone outside your team viewing them. Send the file name to your team or set up a private channel to speak with them.

Storage of Documents

Storage of Documents

Responsible for keeping track of all system files and ensuring that they are available when necessary.


What is a Cloud Drive?

Cloud drive is an online service that lets users store, access, and share files. Although files are stored on a remote server rather than a physical server, it is analogous to a typical hard disc. Cloud drives are becoming more and more common due to the advantages they provide over traditional storing methods.

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