Online Storage

to store data to a remote server

Data that is stored is further kept secure and safe by encryption to avoid any data loss and can be accessed on any device regardless of the location.

Online Storage




Data Centers


Global Uptime


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Keep your Data Secure and Organized

Easily share data with others, access them from anywhere, and maintain their security. Our safe online storage ensures that you never lose data again

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Transfer Data

Transfer Data

A brisk online pathway to cloud storage that has the scalability and performance you need to make data transfer simple.

Storage Archives

Storage Archives

A long-term storage solution for data that is no longer actively used but needs to be retained for business purposes.

File Storage

File Storage

A crucial component of any computer system is file storage. It is in charge of keeping track of every file kept on the system and ensuring that it may access it when necessary.


What is Online Storage?

Online storage is a sort of data archiving where the data is kept on a distant server. When storing large amounts of data, businesses and individuals frequently employ this type of storage. Data can be stored easily and affordably via online storage.

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