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Assist With the Sales Process

Assist With the Sales Process

Qualify leads by collecting relevant data from customers with the help of a customer service chatbot. These bots also help close sales by engaging online shoppers and making suggestions based on what they've seen or added to their cart.

Automate Tedious or Repetitive Tasks

Automate Tedious or Repetitive Tasks

Automate tasks that are generally done by humans using a customer service chatbot. This frees up skilled employees for higher-value tasks. Customer service chatbots can also order food and call cabs. Businesses have been very inventive in how to use chatbots.

Resolve Problems and Questions

Resolve Problems and Questions

Clients often use chatbots to initiate online chat sessions. Chatbots for customer service are good at searching knowledge bases for answers. Agents can handle fewer calls when they can answer questions. If the issue is too complicated for the bot to handle, they can gather information about the customer, order number, and problem and forward it to a live chat agent.


What is Customer Service Chatbot?

A customer service chatbot is a computer program that can automatically answer customers' questions. The chatbot can answer simple questions, offer advice and provide solutions to the customer. Chatbots for customer service can handle many tasks that humans usually perform in customer support roles, like answering basic queries or providing product information. Chatbots are popularly used in customer service, but they can also be used in conversational marketing, sales, education, and healthcare.

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