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to increase conversion rates among visitors

Engage visitors by tracking their mouse movements and notifying them with a personalized message when they are about to leave.

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Enhance Conversions With Personalized Exit Intent Popup

Display an offer tailored to the individual user, such as a discount code, free shipping, or a gift. By offering something of value to the user, personalized exit intent popups can help encourage customers to complete a purchase or provide their contact information.

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Targeted Display

Targeted Display

Triggered to display only to specific user segments, such as those who have previously abandoned their shopping carts or those who have visited a certain page multiple times.

Customizable Design

Customizable Design

Create tailored web experiences for each visitor to a website. This involves the use of a variety of tools and technologies to provide a personalized experience to each visitor.

Automated Responses

Automated Responses

Respond in an automated way to user input, such as providing a discount code when a user opts in to receive more information with exit intent pop-ups.


What is an Exit intent popup?

Exit intent popup is a type of website personalization software that is used to capture the attention of website visitors when they are about to leave a website. This software works by detecting when a visitor is about to leave the website and then displaying a popup message that can be used to provide an offer or message to the visitor. To boost engagement and conversions, the popup message can be personalized. Businesses utilize lead generation, customer service, and website traffic software.

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