Exit Popup

to capture the attention of website visitors

Alert appears on the screen of the person who tries to leave the website. It's an effort that's made in vain to keep your potential customer on the page.

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Improve Conversion Rates With Exit Popup

Capture the user's attention and encourage them to stay longer on the page or take a specific action to increase time spent on a page and encourage visitors to take desired actions.

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Increase Conversions

Increase Conversions

Increase website traffic results in important business-growth actions such as purchasing something or completing a form to generate leads.

Reduce Bounce Rate

Reduce Bounce Rate

Provides relevant content, creates an engaging experience, optimizes your website for mobile devices, and helps to reduce website bounce rate and boost your overall website performance.

Boost SEO

Boost SEO

Improve your ranking on search engine results and increase your overall visibility by using the right keywords, and target the right people to increase your website traffic.


What is an Exit Popup?

Exit popups' ultimate goal is to improve leads or conversions while decreasing bounce rates. The bounce rate is a metric that displays how long visitors stay on your website and if they take any action or read more pages before leaving. Exit popups drastically lower bounce rates by providing visitors with a reason to stay.

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