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to obtain pertinent keywords for your company

Utilize current and accurate data from the keyword planner to conduct competitive keyword research based on search volume, actual click-through rates for paid vs. organic clicks, competition, and other factors, and decide which keywords to prioritize.

Keyword Planner Tool




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Establish the Value of a Keyword

Research, analyze, and evaluate keywords for your PPC campaigns to find relevant keywords and ad groups, get keyword ideas, and get historical statistics and trends, so you can make informed decisions about how to optimize your PPC campaigns for the best results.

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Analytics for Domains

Analytics for Domains

Identify the relevant and irrelevant keywords. To achieve the best outcomes for your company, either include or omit keywords.

Monitor Keywords

Monitor Keywords

Choose the search terms you need and the ones you don't. Include or omit keywords for your website to achieve the best results.

Keyword Group

Keyword Group

Using keyword ranking, create a unique site layout. For more relevant web searches, group entire keywords with the same meaning together.


What Is Keyword Planner Tool?

Improve the conversion rate of your website, use Keyword Planner to find the keywords that users are using to search the internet for goods and services that are similar to yours.

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