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to monitor real-time email opens

Continually monitor email openings. For more effective campaign management, receive reminders, monitor email link clicks, and review daily reports.

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Monitor Unread Emails Using the Mail Tracker Extension

Check the status of each email you send, check to see if it was delivered, find out who read it, and decide how many times a recipient will see it.

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Tracking Emails Accurately

Tracking Emails Accurately

Increase the efficacy of email campaigns, track the progress and delivery of an email message and receive precise email notifications in real-time.

User-focused Dashboard

User-focused Dashboard

Explore all of the details about each email sent in our visually appealing dashboard. The email's progress can be easily followed.

Daily Updates

Daily Updates

Easily and without any glitches integrate OpenedOrNot Gmail. Install the Chrome extension, then start Gmail, and grant the extension access.


What is Mail Tracker Extension?

Email tracking is a method of keeping tabs on an email message's behaviour, usually with the help of a tracking pixel. The pixel or beacon is activated and information about the email recipient is obtained when the email is opened. To determine whether an email was opened, how long it was viewed for, and where it was viewed, email tracking can be used. It can also be used to monitor link clicks inside emails.

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