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Check the delivery status of every email you send and keep track of when emails are opened.





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Receive Activity Alerts and Track Email Opens

Get notified whenever someone views your email, and the admin will be notified as soon as the email is opened.

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Email Tracking

Email Tracking

Get Your Email opens & Activity Alerts

Check the delivery status of every email you send, locate the recipient who read your email, and inspect the number of times the recipient read it.

Real Time Notification

Real Time Notification

Get Alerts For Your Important Activities

When the recipient reads your email, you'll be notified. This extension helps you keep track of your inbox by notifying you when someone opens and reads your emails.

Read Recipients

Read Recipients

Get Your Emails Read By The Right Recipients

If the recipient reads the message, two green ticks will appear on the left side of the message. A single green tick will appear at the top of the Email if this is not the case.

Link-Click Tracking

Link-Click Tracking

Track The Emails You Send

Receive reports on how well a campaign is performing, which can help with the development of more effective marketing strategies.



Get a Reminder For Unopened Emails

Track your unread emails and receive automated reminders to follow up on messages that were not read within a certain timeframe.

Daily Reports

Daily Reports

Get Detailed Reports on Email Tracking

See who has opened your emails and which links they have clicked with detailed email tracking reports.


What is Email Tracking?

Email tracking allows senders to see how many people opened their emails, clicked on links, and did other things with them. It is an important part of email marketing. It tells you how many people have opened and clicked on the links in your email. It also indicates how engaged your readers are with your content. Learn more about Email Tracking

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