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to keep tabs on email opens

Track emails to determine if they are received and read. To find out if links in emails have been clicked, you can track emails as well.

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Track Email Lets You Know When a Recipient Opens an Email

Helps you keep track of important emails and maintain timely contact with others. It also enables you to track when emails are opened. It can be used to make automated emails as well.

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Instantaneous Alerts

Instantaneous Alerts

Recipient opens your email and clicks the link inside, get desktop notification. Lessen your efforts when dealing with recipients who don't respond to your campaigns.

Monitor Link Clicks

Monitor Link Clicks

View the recipients of your emails who have clicked links. Link-click displays the contacts who have clicked on your links and how frequently.

Daily Updates

Daily Updates

Obtain comprehensive reports on your tracked emails. You can access data on tracked emails, read emails, the overall read count, and unread emails.


What is Track Email?

Users can view the send, receive, and read dates of emails using the "Track Email" feature in their email clients. Usually, a message list or an email client's header will display this information. Users who need to keep track of when emails are sent, received, and when recipients open them will find track email to be helpful. To begin tracking email opens, download this free email tracker.

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