Email Tracking Extension

to track sent emails for gmail

Allow you to receive real-time notifications whenever your recipient opens emails with free chrome extension.

Email Tracking Extension




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Provides Open and Receive Status Alerts for Gmail

Help you keep an eye on how your emails are performing. They keep track of things like how many times an email is opened and how frequently links are clicked.

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Tracking Emails Accurately

Tracking Emails Accurately

Increase the efficacy of email campaigns, track the progress and delivery of an email message and receive precise email notifications in real-time.

User-focused Dashboard

User-focused Dashboard

Explore all of the details about each email sent in our visually appealing dashboard. The email's progress can be easily followed.

Daily Updates

Daily Updates

Check the top five tracked and unopened emails each day with OpenedOrNot's daily reports. List the email addresses of inactive and unresponsive users to improve analysis and planning.


What is Email Tracking Extension?

Senders can keep track of the recipient's email message opening and reading by using email tracking extensions. In order to inform the sender of the status, the extension loads a pixel image into the email when it is opened.

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