Email Tracker Chrome Extension

to keep track of users' email activity

Incorporate an email tracker extension into your browser for Gmail to keep track of the recipient's details and who has read your emails.

Email Tracker Chrome Extension




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Access to All Email Actions

Assistance of this free email tracking tool, promote conversations, create an automatic workflow, and verify contacts.

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Powerful Features

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Easily Integrable

Easily Integrable

Implement the extension and grant the tracking permission to begin. The tracking can always be disabled at any time.

Safe Data

Safe Data

Priority is protecting your data. The email's contents are not monitored. Only email read or unread actions are tracked by us.

Streamlined Reports

Streamlined Reports

Need daily reports that are incredibly clear outlining how many emails were opened and which ones weren't. Look into the most successful topics, times, and outreach techniques.


What is Email Tracker Chrome Extension?

The process of tracking an email message's activity typically involves the use of a tracking pixel or beacon. The pixel or beacon is turned on when the email is opened, and data about the email recipient (like their IP address) is gathered. To find out if an email was opened, how long it was viewed for, and where it was viewed, email tracking can be used. It can also be used to monitor link clicks inside emails.

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