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Keep track of and analyse every aspect of your sales, such as the pipeline flow of transactions, the length of the sales cycle, and the number of leads that were followed up on.

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Pipeline of your transactions, the length of the sales cycle, and the quantity of leads sought are just a few examples of the various aspects of your sales that you should track and monitor.

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Performance Monitoring

Performance Monitoring

Evaluate a sales team's performance and determine their level of success. Setting objectives for sales teams and identifying areas of improvement.

Lead Monitoring

Lead Monitoring

Obtain accurate lead tracking information by gathering information on their behaviour, such as the last time they were contacted, the next task or action.

Goal Monitoring

Goal Monitoring

Track your targets, daily or weekly goals, and overall sales will help you take a balanced approach to your actions and their results.


What is Sales Tracker?

A sales tracker is a software application that helps businesses track, manage, and analyze the performance of their sales teams and processes. It allows companies to track their sales pipeline, monitor customer interactions, and monitor the performance of their salespeople. Sales trackers can also provide insights into customer behavior and help identify areas for improvement. They can be used to track sales figures, track customer interactions, and forecast future sales.

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