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Initial Outreach

Initial Outreach

Locate your prospects and utilise your resources to contact them via cold email, cold phone calls, or social media.

Lead Qualification

Lead Qualification

Determine a list of qualified prospects and estimate their likelihood of purchasing from you to become a potential lead.

Phone Prospecting

Phone Prospecting

Use call recording and dialling capabilities that assist sales professionals stay in touch with prospects, you can keep track of deals and conversations.


What is SDR Software?

SDR software is a form of radio communication that utilizes software to receive and transmit signals, rather than hardware components. It enables users to manipulate data through software, and thus provides an unprecedented level of flexibility and control over radio communications. This flexibility enables users to create and modify radio signals in order to optimize performance for various conditions and applications. SDR software uses a wide variety of digital signal processing techniques to receive, process, and transmit radio signals, as well as to control the radio hardware.

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